• Eric Kish

Why Time Awareness is critical to execution

Time is a very precious resource. Even more important to realize is that time lost is lost forever. Organizations that are not aware of time are bound to be out of sync. The faster an organization will want to move, the more painful it will be.

Time Awareness is a fundamental part of a company's Execution Capability. To execute flawlessly you need to embed Time Awareness within the company culture. Lack of Time Awareness creates friction. Not being on time is translated in loss of productivity and morale. In today's world of instant communication and high-speed competition, it can mean the difference between success and failure.

"Time is the school in which we learn, time is the fire in which we burn." - Delmore Schwartz

In Time Aware cultures, deadlines are met and opponents are outmaneuvered through speed and agility. People respect each other's time and are more productive on an individual and team level.

Evidence of a Time Aware culture can be immediately seen. If you see clocks on the walls of meeting rooms and workspaces, this is the first sign of a Time Aware work culture. Digging deeper, further signs of a Time Aware work environment are if people are punctual to meetings and each meeting has a designated time keeper.

Here are some tips to create Time Awarness

Big Clocks everywhere

Have big clocks in every workspace, sometimes more than one, so anybody can see them by just raising their head from any part of the room. Make sure they have Wireless Time Synchronization.

Meeting Room Smart Clocks

LaMetric Time Wifi clock

Equip every meeting room with a smart clock that is connected to the room calendar. These clocks are showing how much time is left in a meeting or how much time the room is free until the next meeting. They are also announcing when a meeting is starting and ending and when a meeting is 10 minutes away from starting.

Free/Busy Clock on your desk

Provide smart clocks on people's desks that are connected to their calendar. Same as in meeting rooms, the clock will show time left until the next meeting and announce a meeting 10 minutes before it starts.

Time zones clock in every meeting room

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