• Eric Kish

Build a GPS for your business

Updated: Apr 15, 2018

If you are currently a leader of an organization, a majority of your role is that of an information manager. In our world of information inundation, the most value for a company is generated through managing knowledge and information in real time.

Situational variables can exert powerful influences over human behavior, more so that we recognize or acknowledge. - - Philip Zimbardo

In our fast moving world, you need to learn how to manage information. It’s not something you can can delegate anymore to an IT guy. In order to be profitable, it is imperative that a business have a strong sense of high speed process navigation. That is, there needs to be an alignment between the processes that run the business, the metrics that measure how the process is doing, and the information processing capabilities that you possess.

Let’s use a metaphor of a GPS system. Today, GPS is a commodity; everyone has it. When you drive, you use it to arrive at your specific destination. You’re guided in real time, given an ETA, and you know the amount of miles remaining until you arrive. Even if you change course, your journey is recalculated and you are told the impact of your decision.

When driving with a GPS, there’s alignment between the process (driving), the metric that measures your process (ETA), and the information processing (real time guided directions).  

Ideally each one of your employees should have a company GPS. This will allow them to have situational awareness to take corrective actions in real time.

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